The emergence of IoT (the Internet of Things) is already demonstrating significant impact on consumer lifestyle and preferences. Consumers are growing increasingly accustomed to always being connected and able to communicate, and to manage and control pretty much every aspect of their lives everywhere, 24 hours a day. It should come as no surprise, then, that they’re also increasingly interested in being able to shop anywhere, and at any time, and grocery retailers must consider IoT technology as a potential means to help them cater to these expectations, among other benefits.
Grocery purchasing decisions account for $20 B in revenue potential daily, and consumers’ kitchens have therefore turned into a critical IoT-driven commerce focal point. New market players are racing to introduce technology in the kitchen to help capture every potential dime, and you, the grocery retailer, simply cannot afford to lag behind.
To maintain relevance and profitability, you must establish persistent brand presence of your own in the emerging Smart Kitchen, make it easy for consumers to do their shopping with you in the comfort of their homes, and secure as large a mind- and wallet-share for your brand as possible.

Maintain competitive edge… Secure your position as a grocery provider of choice by embracing and leveraging new home commerce technology to your advantage.

Freshub’s Smart Home Commerce technology can help you secure substantial presence in consumers’ connected homes, right at the point purchasing decisions are made, and dramatically transform the way they shop.

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